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Properly Furnished: A Blog

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Properly Furnished: A Blog

Three Reasons To Buy An Outdoor Bistro Set

Ricardo Castillo

When you check out the various sets of outdoor furniture at your local store, you'll often come across what is known as a bistro set. This term describes a small table and a pair of chairs. While a lot of people enjoy larger outdoor furniture sets—for example, a big table that can seat six or eight people and several chairs—a bistro set can also be a good option to think about. You may find that this set is the best choice for you, depending on certain circumstances. Here are three reasons that you may want to buy a bistro set.

Limited Outdoor Space

Not everyone has a large deck or patio that they can use to set up a number of pieces of furniture. With a lot of homes, the outdoor living space is small, which can make a bistro set an appropriate choice. For example, if you have an apartment or condo with a small balcony, you may wish to buy this type of outdoor furniture. Some yards can be small with a patio that is only big enough to accommodate a few pieces of furniture. In this situation, a bistro set can be the right choice.

Unlikely To Entertain

It makes sense to buy a large set of outdoor furniture if you frequently entertain guests in your yard, but this isn't the case for everyone. If you're older and one of your adult children now hosts your family gatherings, you may not envision a time in which you have a large group of people to entertain in your yard. In such a scenario, it would make little sense to buy a large outdoor furniture set. Instead, a smaller set, such as a bistro set, can be a better idea.

Minimal Room For Storage

If you live somewhere that gets snow in the winter, it's common to gather up your outdoor furniture and accessories and store them in a place such as your garage or shed once the weather turns cool. Doing so can protect them from the elements, as well as make it easier to clear snow off your deck or patio. If you have minimal room for storage—for example, a garage that is cramped and no garden shed—you might be reluctant to buy a large outdoor furniture set because you have nowhere to put it. Instead of potentially having to rent a nearby storage unit, you should shop for a bistro set, which will be far easier to store.

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