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Properly Furnished: A Blog

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Properly Furnished: A Blog

Keys To Buying Vintage Furniture For Movie Sets

Ricardo Castillo

Creating the perfect movie sets is key in making scenes really come to life. If you plan on incorporating vintage furniture in your movie sets to capture compelling scenes, here are some protocols worth considering.

Make Sure Vintage Furniture Is Comfortable if It's Being Used by Your Cast 

If you plan on having your actors and actresses actually sit down in the vintage furniture that you're planning to set up for movie sets, then you need to make sure they're comfortable. You could be shooting scenes in them the entire day after all.

The vintage furniture may look old and may even be old, but you still need to make sure they'll give your cast the comfort they need to perform their lines professionally. Your cast will appreciate the fact that you spared no expense with comfort for this furniture too.

Think About the Type of Visuals You're Trying to Create

When developing a movie set, you'll typically think about the type of scenes that you're shooting around them. That will dictate the overall visual elements you need to incorporate throughout these sets. Along these lines, carefully examine the movie you're producing and the exact scenes you're shooting.

Then you can do a better job at lining up relevant vintage furniture for movie sets. For instance, if you're shooting a horror movie, you probably want vintage furniture that looks really old and haunting. Whereas if you're shooting something more family-friendly, you can focus on vintage furniture with inviting and warm aesthetics. 

Get Recommendations From Furniture Prop Specialists

There may be a point in making a movie when you're not really sure what vintage furniture to incorporate in a specific set. When these times happen, you can talk to a vintage furniture prop specialist. They work with these pieces all the time, so they're a great resource to help you find particular pieces.

You just need to give them a background on the movie you're making and the scenes you're getting ready for. They can then show you viable furniture options that make the most sense based on what you're shooting. 

If you're planning to make a movie and want your sets coming out great, you can use vintage furniture as decorative and practical pieces. As long as you think about what furniture is going to work great for particular scenes and buy from a reputable company, this furniture will have a positive impact on how your movie ultimately turns out. Call a vintage furniture shop for more help.