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Properly Furnished: A Blog

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Properly Furnished: A Blog

The Benefits Of Going With Glass Chair Mats For Your New Office

Ricardo Castillo

If you want to protect the new carpet in your new office, you will want to invest in some chair mats for every desk or cubicle set up in the office building. When selecting a chair mat, plastic is a pretty common material choice, but today, a number of offices and other professional businesses are going with carpet glass chair mats instead. Here's why going with a glass chair mat instead of a plastic one might be the right move for your office.

Glass Chair Mats Last Longer and Might Be the Better Long-Term Investment

It's true that a glass mat is going to cost more money than a plastic mat of the same size, but a glass mat is also likely to hold onto its good looks for many years to come and is just generally more durable than plastic. A plastic mat can start showing visible wear and tear over time, but a glass mat can go for years or decades without showing any issues, provided you remember to give it a cleaning every once in a while.

If you have a large office to furnish, going with plastic mats might mean you need to buy replacements every few years. With glass mats, the initial installations could still be in place many years from now or longer, making them the smarter long-term play.

Glass Chair Mats Simply Look More Professional or Can Be Easily Customized to Match the Look of Your Office

When those plastic mats start to show wear and tear, it will make your office look less than professional. Even when the plastic is brand-new, it's just a material that is often viewed as cheaper than glass. In addition to glass looking more professional, a glass mat for your carpet can also be customized to add any particular visual look you want. You could paint the bottom side of the glass to match a certain color or even install paneling underneath it that will give the glass the look of wood or some other high-end material.

Glass Mats Can Handle More Weight and Won't Get Bunched Up 

Have you ever tried to move an office chair or a desk off of a plastic mat and then back onto it? Did the mat get scrunched up or move and make the entire process of moving things around a pain to deal with? Glass mats are capable of handling more pressure or weight and won't move or get scrunched up like plastic just because you tried to move the chair from one end of the mat to another.

For more information, contact a local company, like Glass Chairmats Online.