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Properly Furnished: A Blog

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Properly Furnished: A Blog

Where Should Hickory Chair Furniture Go In Your Home?

Ricardo Castillo

Hickory chair furniture is a timeless style of furniture that can be beautiful in nearly any room of the house, but you have to make sure you put this type of luxury furniture in the right parts of the home so these pieces don't overwhelm a living space. Placed correctly and decorated accordingly, your hickory chair furniture and other luxury furniture items can really stand out positively.

Need some inspiration about where to use this type of furniture in your home? If so, then this guide can help you out. Don't be intimidated by hickory furniture, celebrate it by using it in the following ways in your home.

In the entryway or main hallway

A grand piece of hickory furniture should go in the entryway or main hallway of your home, to be used as a place to sit while taking off ones' shoes or as a conversation piece easily viewed when a person first walks into the premises. If you want to put a grand hickory chair in the entryway, try to choose a large chair with velvet accents or coverings, or choose something that comes with an ottoman for added effect.

In the dining room or kitchen areas

Make your dining room the most-gathered place in the home by placing beautiful hickory chairs in the dining room around the table, but with a twist: each chair is different from the next in style, but all are made of the hardy and beautiful hickory you love. This change of style adds a new and modern flair to what is classic and charming. You can mix and match hickory chair furniture pieces at your local furniture store. Ask for showpieces that are soon to be rotated out so you can possibly get a bargain on the chairs you choose.

In the family room

The family room is an informal gathering room that can be made more enjoyable and stylish with the addition of hickory chair furniture. When you put classic pieces in a set in this room, with or without a table for studying, playing board games, or just enjoying a hobby or two, you make better use of the space with a piece of furniture you can be proud of. Your furniture sales specialist can help you find the best pieces for your home. You can choose classic luxury furniture pieces in solid hickory, or mix things up by choosing engaging materials to go with the original pieces for texture and dimension.