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Properly Furnished: A Blog

Have you ever thought about what an important role furniture plays in your life? Without a kitchen table and chairs, you would have to eat on the floor. Without a desk, you'd be left precariously balancing your laptop on your lap while sitting cross-legged on the ground, and we all know that's no fun. Furniture shapes your day and it shapes your lifestyle, so it's important to put some thought into the furniture you choose for your home. From selecting the right sofa to painting a dresser, we offer all sorts of furniture advice on this website. We understand how important furniture is, and we want you to come to the same understanding.

Properly Furnished: A Blog

Why You Should Add a Sofa to Your Home Office

Ricardo Castillo

A desk, chair, and bookshelf are likely at the top of your shopping list when you're buying furniture to set up a home office, but there are other pieces of furniture that you should think about. This is a space in your home in which you'll spend a lot of time — perhaps 35 to 40 hours during the workweek, as well as some additional time on weekends — so it's important for this room to be adequately equipped. An additional piece of furniture that can work well in this room is a sofa, which you can buy in a size and shape that will suit the space. Here are some reasons to add a sofa to your home office.

More Comfort When Reading

Depending on the type of job that you have, you may frequently need to read lengthy documents. While reading documents at your desk is always an option, lots of people favor being more comfortable during long reading sessions. Having a sofa in your home office can be ideal for such events. If you have a hard copy of the document, you can stretch out on the sofa and read in comfort. Or, you can use a tablet or even a laptop to read in this position. Be sure to buy a sofa that is of an adequate length for your body if you expect to frequently use it for reading.

Inviting Appearance

It's advantageous to give your home office an inviting appearance. Some people simply set up a chair and a desk in this room, and while this setup may be functional, it certainly won't feel very inviting. Working from home requires a high degree of self-motivation and a stylish and comfortable sofa may help you feel excited about entering the space and getting to work each morning.

Space for a Family Member

While you might want your family members to stay out of your home office when you're working for the most part, there can be times that you'll appreciate having a sofa ready for someone when they spend time with you. For example, if your child is home sick from school, you might set them up on your sofa with a tablet or a book. This way, they'll be close enough that you can monitor them and provide the needed care, but still be able to get your work done.

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