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Properly Furnished: A Blog

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Properly Furnished: A Blog

Four Murphy Bed Features To Add Functionality To Your Living Space

Ricardo Castillo

A Murphy bed provides a simple way to transform a studio apartment, home office, or den into a cozy sleeping space. Basic Murphy beds typically include a mattress and frame that fold down from the wall, but modern versions can include a range of extra features to add functionality to your space. Here are some options to look for as you shop for a new Murphy bed for your home.

Inline Sofa

Some Murphy beds come with an inline sofa and coffee table. Ideal for use in a studio apartment, these beds provide a seating area for enjoying television or reading a book. The bed folds down over the seats of the sofa and use the coffee table as a base for added stability. This eliminates the need to move furniture out of the way at bedtime and creates a seamless look during the day. A queen-size Murphy bed model comes with a sofa large enough to comfortably seat two people, creating a cozy setup for your home.

Built-In Hutches

A queen-size Murphy bed with built-in hutches on either side provides extra storage for your small space. Models with chests of drawers on the bottom provide concealed space for clothing and personal essentials, so overnight guests can unpack their belongings when staying in your home. Open shelves offer space to display books and decor items, truly making the bed part of the decor in your room. Look for a model that combines shelves and drawers to make your new Murphy bed functional, whether it's used for sleeping or storage in your home.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting over the headboard area of the bed adds a luxurious look to your living space while providing nighttime illumination. The position of these lights makes it easy to enjoy a book before going to sleep. Some bed models leave the lights exposed even when the bed is tucked away, adding an extra source of light to a darkened studio apartment or den. If you opt for a queen-sized Murphy bed with hutches, consider a model with lighting over the shelves as well. This helps the folded up bed blend in with the rest of the room's decor while shining a light on prized decor pieces.

Integrated Power Sources

A Murphy bed sits along the wall, eliminating access to available wall outlets. One way to overcome this obstacle is to invest in a bed with built-in power sources. This type of bed features thoughtfully-positioned USB ports and traditional three-prong receptacles. You can use them to add a lamp, charge a smartphone, or power up a laptop at bedtime. A simple plug on the back of the bed connects with an existing outlet to provide power, making assembling and installing your Murphy bed simple.

For more information about queen-size Murphy beds, contact a local seller.