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Properly Furnished: A Blog

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Properly Furnished: A Blog

Three Types Of Custom Pallet Furniture To Order

Ricardo Castillo

One thing that can be fun about ordering some pieces of furniture from a custom furniture maker is that they can produce any style that suits you. For people who favor formal wooden furniture, your custom builder can provide you with a lot of options. However, if you love the look of rustic items throughout your home, your builder can produce items that suit this style. One type of rustic furniture that is popular is pallet furniture — wooden furniture for different areas of your home that repurposes wooden pallets. If your builder is open to this style, there are many different types of custom pallet furniture that you may wish to order.

Pallet Coffee Table

A coffee table is a valuable piece of furniture for your living room. While it serves several functions, it should also be a good visual fit in this space. For a rustic living room, a pallet coffee table can offer an ideal look. There are many different designs that your custom builder can come up with, but don't be afraid to have some input. Plan to browse the internet to look for pallet coffee tables so that you can bring a few designs that you like to the attention of your builder.

Pallet Headboard

If you're looking for some custom furniture for your bedroom, pieces that use pallets may be of interest. A popular choice for many people is a pallet headboard, which you'll mount to the wall at the head of your bed. You can discuss several details with your builder, including not only the size of the headboard but also whether it will be solid or have gaps. If you choose a design in which there are gaps between the boards, you might think about putting some string lights through the boards to add visual appeal.

Pallet Benches

Pallet furniture can also work well outdoors, so consider what pieces you might want your custom builder to create for you. If you're looking to add rustic furniture to a patio or deck area, pallet benches can be a viable option. You have many choices to consider, including a couple of small benches that you can move around when needed. Or, you might favor a large, sectional-style bench that will be the primary seating choice on your deck. Your builder can even pair these items with a pallet coffee table to provide a matching set for you.

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