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Properly Furnished: A Blog

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Properly Furnished: A Blog

Deciding On Home Wall Decor Ideas

Ricardo Castillo

If you are looking for ideas on how you can decorate your walls in a way that looks great, then you have endless options to choose from. In fact, you also have a lot of different ways you can take those options and change them up in any manner you choose to give you just the look you are looking for. When you are close to having your wall's look completed, you'll know. Keep reading to get some ideas for home wall decor. 

Single large art pieces

If you can achieve the look you want for your wall with just a single large art piece, then you should consider yourself lucky. When you can do this, you won't have to continue searching for more pieces that will go well with the other pieces. When you are putting together the decor for your wall using many separate pieces, it can take longer and it can become frustrating if you are down to needing that last addition and you just can't seem to find it. This is why finding one piece that gives you the look you want can be so great. 

Mixed media connection

If you want a unique and creative looking wall in your home, then consider going with mixed media art. This is when you mix different types of materials in order to create a look. For example, you can incorporate things like an oil painting, some prints, a couple of bows or a wreath, some ribbon, a cloth doll, or anything else you can mount to the wall to create a look you find appealing. This is a great way to go when you are decorating a wall you want to tell a story. For example, if you are decorating a wall in your baby's nursery, then you can include an ultrasound pic in a frame, a picture of them painted by a friend, their first outfit, their first teddy bear, and other items that hold some significance. 

Incorporate mirrors and framed pictures

You can create a fabulous-looking wall by using both framed pictures of different sizes and framed mirrors of different sizes. You can move things around until you end up with a collage that's appealing. If you have a hard time finding a mirror in the perfect frame, then you need to keep in mind that you can paint the frame yourself. 

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