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Properly Furnished: A Blog

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Properly Furnished: A Blog

Keeping Your Outdoor Furniture Well-Maintained

Ricardo Castillo

If you enjoy spending time on your patio or in your yard, having high-quality outdoor furniture can be essential for making this experience enjoyable. Without this furniture, you may not have a space to sit or a table to put things on. Due to the weather conditions that outdoor furniture will have to experience, homeowners should be prepared to provide some basic care to these items.

Use An Anchor To Secure The Furniture

Strong winds, light flooding, and other types of storm damage can lead to the outdoor furniture being moved a great distance from the home. In some cases, these items may even be flung into the exterior of the home in a way that may cause extensive damage. Anchoring the outdoor furniture can be done without ruining the appearance of your patio or yard. More specifically, there are anchors that can be placed at the base of the outdoor furniture that will be able to hold the furniture in place. Installing these anchors can require some drilling if your furniture is placed on a paved patio, but this work can effective for preventing the furniture from moving when the next storm moves into your area.

Keep The Furniture Clean

Cleaning the outdoor furniture will be another step that can extend its lifespan. Outdoor furniture that is allowed to become very dirty can degrade as a result of dirt accumulating on it. If the furniture is upholstered, this dirt can make it much less comfortable for you to use as it can make the upholstery hard. Metal may also be damaged by these substances as the dirt can be abrasive enough to scratch the metal and potentially expose it to a risk of rusting. Cleaning outdoor furniture should only take a few minutes if you are able to spray the furniture with a hose that has reasonably high pressure. This will remove the majority of the dirt and dust, but you should still wipe the furniture down with a cloth to remove anything that may have been left behind.

Store The Furniture During The Off-Season

There are likely to be times when you will not be using the furniture for an extended period. Winter is one example of this, but traveling can also be another time when your outdoor furniture may go unused. Storing these furniture items in an enclosed area during these times can spare them from unnecessary wear. Also, this can reduce the risk of the furniture being stolen or damaged by storms that occur when you are not home.

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