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Properly Furnished: A Blog

Reasons To Choose A Headboard That Mounts To Your Bed

Ricardo Castillo

While there are plenty of headboard styles, you'll generally find that any headboard you shop for at your local furniture store has one of two designs. It's either designed to be mounted directly to the wall or to the head of your bed. A lot of people choose headboards that attach to the wall, but it's worthwhile to think about the advantages of the other style of headboard. If you can find a headboard that mounts to your bed in your preferred material, color, and size — especially if it's currently on sale — here are some reasons that it can be favorable to one that attaches to the wall.

You Won't Have To Deal With A Gap

One of the disadvantages of a headboard that mounts to the wall is that the bed can slowly push away from the wall over time. This issue results in a gap between the headboard and bed. You may find that your pillow starts to slip down this gap, or that when you're sitting up in bed to read or to watch television, your back is at an awkward angle because of the gap between the bed and the headboard. When you choose a headboard that connects to the bed itself, you won't have to deal with such issues.

You Can Move The Bed Around

A lot of people will occasionally change the layout of the master bedrooms, perhaps as a way to increase the functionality of the room or simply because they want a visual change. When you've attached a headboard to the wall, you're fairly committed to placing the bed against the headboard because it would be a lot of work to remove this fixture and install it somewhere else in the room. With a headboard that mounts to the bed, you have the freedom to move the entire structure wherever you wish in the room.

You Won't Slide The Bed Around As Much

Some people have trouble with their bed moving when they get in and out. For example, if you're a heavy person and your bed has a light design — especially if you have hardwood flooring and the bed is on wheels — it's easy for the bed to shift. This can be a hassle because the bed may scratch the floor to some degree, as well as frequently look crooked in the room. The addition of a headboard adds considerable weight to the bed, which may help to reduce its likelihood of moving.

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