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Properly Furnished: A Blog

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Properly Furnished: A Blog

What To Look For When Picking Up Furniture For Your Entryway

Ricardo Castillo

Picking up furniture to set up in the entryway of your home can be a great way to make stepping into your home more enjoyable. When you've been itching to find furniture that suits the entryway, there's a lot of things you can look for before visiting a furniture store and making a purchase.

To make sure that the entryway feels like the perfect start to the rest of your home, keep the following tips in mind.

Plenty of Shoe Storage

Since you will typically be putting on shoes near the front door, it's important that you don't skip having a space to put them. Having a bunch of shoes cluttered by the front door can make the front of your home feel disorganized and can even lead to your shoes getting damaged if you have pets. Having a way to put away shoes whether it's on a wall shelf or tucked into a shoe rack can make a big difference in the way the front of your home looks.

Looking for benches and shoe racks at a furniture store can help you find a good balance of aesthetics and functionality for your shoes.

Right Measurements

Measuring out all the furniture in advance can ensure that you don't bring it home, set it up, and find yourself needing to return them. Taking accurate measurements of the entryway can find details such as how large of a shoe rack you can have installed or a bench to be set up. Since you don't' want the entryway to feel too cluttered and difficult to navigate through, especially if you have guests over, having the right measurements can make a big difference in whether it's functional or not.

Fitting Style for Your Home

As you take a look at different options for furniture, you'll want to make sure not to choose anything that's going to feel too out of place. Since some furniture can fit in with your other interior design, this can be a great decision since it will keep your home feeling cohesive. From the color of the wood to any fabrics you choose, taking a look at some of the existing details in your home can guide you towards furniture that's able to fit right in.

Being careful to pick out the right furniture can ensure that the entryway feels well decorated and has all the details you want for your home. For more information, visit a site like