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Properly Furnished: A Blog

Reasons Why A Company May Be Liquidating Mattresses

Ricardo Castillo

If you are in the market for a new mattress, you may be doing your research to find out how much the mattress may cost you. When you are looking at prices, you may find companies that liquidate mattresses. Many people often make the assumption that there must be something wrong with the mattresses if they are being liquidated, but this is not the case at all. Here are a few of the common reasons why a company may be liquidating mattresses. 

A Store May Be Looking to Clear Out Old Stock for New Stock

One of the top reasons why mattresses are being liquidated is because a store is simply looking to clear out their old stock of mattresses because new mattresses are coming in. Just like cars, new models of mattresses come in often. Car manufacturers sell off their old stock of automobiles to make way for their new models. The same is true with mattresses. The old models need to be sold quickly to make room in the warehouse for newer mattresses that are coming in. 

A Store May Be Liquidating Mattresses for Financial Reasons

Another reason why mattresses might be liquidated is due to the financial position of a furniture or department store. That store may need to make money fast, so they are willing to sell the mattresses at a lower price, the store may be going out of business, or a court may have ordered that the furniture be liquidated and sold due to bankruptcy proceedings. Many liquidations take place simply because of the financial needs of the business. 

A Boxed Mattress May Be Nearing Its Remove-From-Box-By Date

The final reason why a company may be liquidating mattresses is because boxed mattresses must be removed from the box by a set date to ensure they fully inflate. Boxed mattresses are made of different types of foam, primarily memory foam. It is squished down and into a box, helping to save on shipping and packaging costs. However, these mattresses have been tested and will only fully inflate when they are stored in the box for a limited period of time. As such, many boxed mattress companies will begin to sell their mattresses for cheaper, or even begin to liquidate them, as they near the remove-from-box-by date. 

Buying a mattress from a company that offers liquidation mattresses or close-out mattresses can be a great way to score a deal on your new mattress. Some companies liquidate mattresses themselves, while others ship their mattresses off to a mattress liquidator to handle the sales for them. Contact a local mattress liquidator to see what brands of mattresses they currently have in stock and what their pricing is.