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Properly Furnished: A Blog

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Properly Furnished: A Blog

How To Use Furniture To Upgrade Your Office Design

Ricardo Castillo

Upgrading your office furniture might seem like a difficult task, but it will make your employees more creative, more productive, and happier. You may simply want to give your office a facelift or you may even want to provide workers with more desk space so they can work more efficiently. 

Use Furniture to Create a Variety of Spaces

Try to aim for providing workers both with personal spaces and collaborative spaces. You'll need a location where workers can come together at a conference table to discuss solutions to a problem. However, workers will also need desks where they can have privacy and focus on getting their work done. Much of this depends on the demands of your job.

Open Your Office Up to Natural Light

Use benching desks instead of workstations. Employees benefit from having more space and also from having more natural light. Those who work in an office spend most of their time indoors and do not have as much access to natural light. This can leave employees feeling tired and less productive. Adding mirrors will also increase the amount of natural light that is in your office.

Create Openness

The openness that benching desks create also allows employees to move around more and collaborate. If you do need privacy at some point, you can purchase portable privacy screens in case two coworkers need to have a meeting. 

Consider pushing together individual desks to create clusters of small and large group tables. Also, consider using easy-to-move laptop desks so that employees have even more flexibility deciding where they will work.

Add Storage

Offer as much storage as possible so employees can keep work organized and can also avoid placing items where they don't belong. For example, consider installing overhead storage in addition to the storage cabinets under the desk.

Choose Furniture That Matches Your Brand

Consider your company's brand and consider whether there is furniture that would fit with the brand. If your company markets fun and whimsical products, you might choose different furniture than if you were marketing investment products. This can help place your employees in the right mindset and will also attract employees who are a better fit for your company.

Don't view furniture as an unnecessary expense. Companies that are short on money may choose to purchase cheap furniture, but this type of furniture will not last as long and will eventually need to be replaced.

For more information, contact an office furniture showroom in your area.