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Properly Furnished: A Blog

Four Trends In Custom Wall Beds

Ricardo Castillo

If you are thinking about getting a wall bed to gain extra floor space in a bedroom, guestroom, or living area, it's important to understand your modern choices. Before, wall beds simply dropped down from a panel in the wall. Although they were space-saving, they may have been awkward to raise and lower or not made efficient use of wall space. In recent years, things have changed. Below are just some of the options you should consider. 

Bunk Beds

Traditionally, wall beds were full or queen-sized beds that dropped lengthwise into a room. But now many people are taking advantage of smaller single beds to make drop-down bunk beds. These usually have the long side against the wall and are positioned one on top of each other, like normal bunk beds. They are a great option if you often have multiple guests who are not a couple or if you have a child that may want to have sleepovers. 

Dual Purpose Convertibles 

Before, wall beds were meant to increase floor space. They were a great option in guest rooms or a way to turn your living room into a guest room. In recent years, people have demanded more floor space without giving up wall space. This has led to dual purpose convertibles. For example, it is popular to have a drop down table, desk, or couch on the underside of the bed. Additionally, swinging shelving allows trinkets, books, and art to be safely displayed when the bed is put away without having to remove them when the bed is taken out. 

Interior Decorations

While a lot of effort goes into making wall beds look good when they are closed, until recently the interior focus has been functionality rather than pleasant aesthetics. However, it is becoming more common to consider how the space will look with the bed in both positions. This usually means adding artwork to space above the bed so it does not look as bare when the bed is down. 

Rolling Beds

With assistive springs, wall beds can be easy to open and close. But some people still find dropping a bed into position intimidating. For them, there are roll-out beds. They feature smaller mattresses and turn beneath the wall at each bed slat. This makes them easy to roll out or put away.

If you are considering a custom wall bed, make sure you talk to a custom manufacturer. They can let you know what your options are and help you make the best decision for your space.