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Properly Furnished: A Blog

Have you ever thought about what an important role furniture plays in your life? Without a kitchen table and chairs, you would have to eat on the floor. Without a desk, you'd be left precariously balancing your laptop on your lap while sitting cross-legged on the ground, and we all know that's no fun. Furniture shapes your day and it shapes your lifestyle, so it's important to put some thought into the furniture you choose for your home. From selecting the right sofa to painting a dresser, we offer all sorts of furniture advice on this website. We understand how important furniture is, and we want you to come to the same understanding.

Properly Furnished: A Blog

  • Choose The Right Office Seating For The Work That's Done

    19 November 2020

    Picking out new seating for your office or getting it furnished for the first time can come some with questions over what's going to be comfortable and a good fit for your employees. If you're in need of a lot of chairs, you'll need to consider a lot of different variables in order to find chairs that are going to suit everyone. Before making any purchases, the following tips should be considered so that you can find the right seating for your office.

  • Four Trends In Custom Wall Beds

    14 September 2020

    If you are thinking about getting a wall bed to gain extra floor space in a bedroom, guestroom, or living area, it's important to understand your modern choices. Before, wall beds simply dropped down from a panel in the wall. Although they were space-saving, they may have been awkward to raise and lower or not made efficient use of wall space. In recent years, things have changed. Below are just some of the options you should consider.

  • Six Key Factors When You're Thinking About Getting Upholstery Work Done On Furniture

    13 July 2020

    Getting your furniture upholstered is something you can do to revitalize the look of your home and make your home interiors more comfortable. However, upholstery work is also an investment that you should think through carefully to get the largest possible return on your investment.  The following are six key factors to look into when you're thinking about getting upholstery work done on furniture.  The value of the furniture piece in question

  • Want to Pick Up a Full Bedroom Set? 3 Tips for Creating a Personalized Bedroom

    10 March 2020

    Updating your bedroom with the addition of new furniture can be a great idea, but you could be feeling held back simply due to wanting a more personalized look. If you've been thinking of getting a furniture set that isn't too cookie-cutter, you'll want to look into the following tips that can help keep the bedroom as personalized and functional as possible. 1. Keep the Age of the Home in Mind 

  • 3 Ways An Interior Designer Can Change Your Home With Minimal Costs

    13 February 2020

    Changing how your home looks and functions on the inside is not hard to accomplish because all it takes is moving things around. But you may want to do more than just use everything that you already own to alter your home in ways that your family will appreciate and benefit from. If you are most interested in keeping costs to a minimum, you should hire an interior designer. Existing Pieces