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Properly Furnished: A Blog

5 Key Considerations to Remember When Shopping for Gun Safes

Ricardo Castillo

Safes, or otherwise called strongboxes, are protective lockable containers used to secure valuable items against damage, theft, or disasters. A gun safe is generally used to store ammo, firearms, and other accessories. The primary purpose of gun safes is to withhold access to untrained and unqualified individuals from using the gun. 

Are you looking to buy a gun safe? This simple guide highlights five top considerations to help you find the ideal type. Read on to learn more. 

The Size of the Safe

When shopping around for a gun safe, choose one with a reasonable size. That's true because you need more space for an extra firearm and ammunition. Some safes are small-sized but custom-designed to fit extra ammo. While such safes are excellent when you want to save more money on a purchase, it makes more sense to invest in bigger sizes. When choosing the more prominent types, keep in mind space considerations as well. 

Locking Capabilities 

There exist numerous gun safes on the market, but one essential feature to consider when finding the ideal one is its locking capability. It would be pretty unfortunate for kids or burglars to retrieve the firearms effortlessly. Modern technology has brought about various locking and unlocking features like biometric, passwords, face or voice unlocking, among many others. Choose one that is difficult to crack and compromise. 

Damage-Proof Features

Additionally, you want to invest in a gun safe with impeccable fire-proof hallmarks. However big an inferno is, your firearms and ammunition remain intact. Furthermore, the safe should withstand any natural disasters, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods. Such features are highly advantageous, especially if you'd like to keep other valuable items in the safe.

The Pricing

Indeed, price is a factor that will feature in almost everything you need to purchase, including gun safes. But surprisingly, you might realize that some costly safes lack special features and quality of the cheapest safes obtainable on the market. That's why you shouldn't prioritize the price of a gun safe over its quality. Instead, consider the most vital features, such as safety, locking, size, and protective capabilities. Buying a gun safe is a long-term investment and not just a one-off purchase. 


Finally, a warranty is a critical consideration when purchasing your gun safe. Be analytical with the fine print and assess what's written therein. Standard warranty contracts are generally set to one year. However, some manufacturers provide extended warranty packages, including lifetime plans you should consider to avert unnecessary hassles in the future.