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Properly Furnished: A Blog

4 Office Desk Designs Based On Letter Shapes

Ricardo Castillo

Office desks are essential for the everyday function and use of your workstation. As you plan out your office furniture, you should consider the shape of the desk you purchase. As you browse through desks, you will notice a trend in the way each desk shape forms. Many of the desk shapes are based upon actual letters from the alphabet.

Learn about each letter-shaped desk and the functionality they perform inside an office.

1. L-Shape

One of the more common desk designs you will find is an L-Shaped desk. The desk includes a long flat area that extends 90 degrees to the side to form a second small area either to the left or right of the desk. An L-Shape desk is ideal for many functions. They can expand a work area to include extra space for paperwork and supplies.

The extension of the L is also ideal for holding office equipment like printers and scanners. An L-shape desk is ideal for a single worker and you can easily find desk designs to fit inside cubicles.

2. U-Shape

Instead of a desk with just one extended side, order a desk with two extra sides that form a U-shape. U-shaped office furniture features a lot of desk space for computers and other equipment. Position the U-shape at a side angle so the person who uses the desk can have a computer in the back to work on and can turn to the front to meet with others in the office.

3. C-Shape

While a U-shape desk features sharp corners and solid angles, a C-shape desk is more rounded and curved. A circular C-shape is an ideal desk design for a business lobby area. A receptionist can sit behind the desk and provide information for visitors. The top edge of the C-shape often includes a flat surface to easily fill out papers and other items.

A rotating chair placed in the middle of the C-shape allows a worker to easily spin around and access every part of the desk.

4. T-Shape

If you have employees who often need to collaborate and work together, then consider the purchase of a T-shaped desk. The desk features a long back table with a middle desk separating the two sections. Each person will have their own section at the top of the T and then can share ideas and information on the middle section.

The long top side of the desk is ideal for holding business telephones and other items like computer equipment.

Visualize your office to see how the letter shapes can fit into your design scheme.

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