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Properly Furnished: A Blog

Why You Should Consider A U-Shaped Conference Room Table

Ricardo Castillo

When you're shopping for a conference room table for your office, you might immediately think about a long, rectangular table or a large, oval table. Either shape is suitable, and your office furniture liquidation retailer will have a selection of products that will suit the size and look of your conference room — including a wide selection of furniture that won't break your budget. It's smart to consider the other types of conference room tables, however, including those that have shapes that you perhaps haven't seen in the past. One option is a U-shaped conference room table, which may sometimes be called a horseshoe-shaped table. As its name indicates, this is a table that is shaped like the letter "U" and is designed to have chairs positioned around the outside. Here are some reasons to consider this unique conference room table shape.

People Are Closer Together

One thing that you'll like about a U-shaped conference room table is that its design means that people will be sitting closer to one another. Some conference room tables are so large that there's a considerable distance between the people at one end and the other end — and this may not always be conducive to encouraging good discussion and collaboration between these individuals. The manner in which a U-shaped conference room table groups people together can make your meetings feel more cozy, which may be the feeling you're going for.

The Speaker Can Walk In The Center

Another design detail that you'll immediately like about a U-shaped conference room table is its open space in the center. This area is perfect for a speaker to stand as he or she presents to the group. Whether the person speaking is a member of the team or perhaps a special guest you've brought in to address the group, standing and moving around in the center of the "U" shape feels natural. This provides more of an intimate feel than some other types of conference room tables, where the speaker may be several yards from those who are seated.

It Can Feel Lighter

The open space that is present in the middle of a U-shaped conference room table gives this entire piece of furniture a lighter feel that you may appreciate. Whether you have a conference room that is relatively small, requiring you to find light-looking furniture or you're trying to choose office furniture that doesn't feel too bulky, a U-shaped conference room table can be the perfect choice for your situation. Look for office furniture liquidators to see what they have available.