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Properly Furnished: A Blog

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Properly Furnished: A Blog

5 Ways To Plan For Foot Traffic In Your Bedroom

Ricardo Castillo

When arranging your bedroom furniture, one of the key elements to creating a functional, attractive, and comfortable space is to consider how foot traffic flows. What can you do to facilitate and embrace the foot traffic in your room? Here are a few key things to watch for.

1. Entry Clearance

The entry door to your bedroom is how both you and your guests will be greeted by the room. How does it feel? The entry area should feel clear and uncluttered. You want to leave full range for the door to open and for multiple people to enter the room at the same time. Avoid placing a vanity or dresser where chairs and drawers will open into the door clearance. 

2. Space Around the Bed

The bed is usually the biggest and most important feature of any bedroom, so good bed placement is vital. With large master bedrooms, this is often not a problem, and you can easily place the head of the bed against a wall and leave space on three sides for movement. But if the room is small, at least ensure that you and a partner can get in and out of bed comfortably. If you sleep alone, don't be afraid to leave only minimal space on one side if necessary. 

3. Dressers and Cabinets

When placing dressers and cabinets, perform a test run of using these furniture items before finalizing placement. Open all the drawers and doors, pull out chairs, and then move around in the way you would normally use them. Often-used furnishings like dressers need to have plenty of clearance in front and easy access from other well-used features (like the closet). 

4. The Bathroom Entry

Particularly in master bedrooms, the entry to the bathroom should also feel expansive and welcoming. Don't place furniture too close to the door so you avoid crowding the way into your luxurious en-suite. If the bathroom features lots of natural lighting, unnecessary furniture near it could also block that lighting and make the transition area feel dark or small. 

5. Walking Space

Finally, how easy is it to move around the room between furnishings and destinations? Common traffic paths — such as between the bed and dresser or between the closet and bathroom — should be direct and free of obstacles. Add extra width to the most commonly used walking paths so that more than one person can move around at the same time. 

The right bedroom furniture layout will help you create a luxurious bedroom that everyone will love — even if you're limited by size or budget.