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Properly Furnished: A Blog

5 Benefits Of A Standing Desk

Ricardo Castillo

If you're looking to make healthy changes this year, you may be thinking about getting a standing desk. This offers a place to work and get things done, but unlike a normal desk, there is no chair. It can take getting used to, but this is a better option for your body. Many people are investing in standing desks as more research comes out about the benefits. Are you interested in making the switch? Here are some of the benefits of a standing desk:

You'll Become Less Dependant on a Chair

As with anything, the more you do something, the more used to it you become. Once you choose to make the switch to a standing desk, you can become a lot less dependant on using a chair when you work.

Be More Active

If you're feeling like a couch potato at work, you may want to get a standing desk so that you're more active. A standing office desk can make you a lot more active because you'll be taking more steps rather than just sitting all day. If you struggle to get in enough exercise time, this may be a good choice for you. 

Lower Your Risk of Weight Gain

When you're sitting all the time, it's a lot easier to put on weight. If you feel like you're at risk of getting overweight, or if you've been putting on some extra pounds, this may be an option that you want to explore. Once you start to use a standing desk, it can lower your risk of weight gain. 

Be More Productive

For some people, using a standing desk can boost productivity. If you feel like you're not getting a lot done, it may have something to do with how you're working. While it will take some time to get used to standing at your desk, it can allow you to be more productive as you'll be able to get more done.

Improve Your Mood

A standing desk may also improve your mood. You'll be moving around more and your body may be less fatigued, which can increase your mood and make you happier. Who doesn't want to be happier?!

As you can see, standing desks offer many benefits. If you're wanting to make positive changes in your life, take a look at your current workplace set up. It may be time to make the switch to a standing desk! Reach out to a company like office source 360  to look at some standing desk options.