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Properly Furnished: A Blog

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Properly Furnished: A Blog

Three Types Of Desk Partitions To Consider For Your Office

Ricardo Castillo

Many office spaces are filled with cubicles, which offer each employee a degree of privacy during his or her workday. Other offices have any number of desks that are pushed together or long tables at which people work — which doesn't result in much privacy at all. If your office looks more like the latter scenario than the former, and you don't have the budget to upgrade to cubicles right now. One option is to add partitions to the desks or tables themselves. Office partitions can be various heights but aren't generally as high as cubicle walls. Here are three types of desk partitions to consider.


You'll find no shortage of desk partitions that are solid in appearance. They can be made from a variety of materials, although plastic and metal are common. Solid desk partitions are adept at providing a little privacy. For example, while the partition may not be tall enough to prevent your colleague from seeing you, it can prevent him or her from closely monitoring everything that you're doing. A solid partition can also make it feel as though an employee has his or her own space, rather than the feeling of sharing space.


Clear partitions are an option that can be appealing in many offices. If the individual workspaces are fairly small, clear partitions can be a good choice because they won't make each space feel smaller. Employees may feel less isolated when they're surrounded by glass partitions, too — but still, be able to enjoy the feeling of having their own space. One variation on the clear partition design is a frosted design. This style allows light to pass through it, but you can't see through it completely.


Another option to consider is outfitting your office with desk partitions that have a combination of solid and clear elements. Commonly, this design will be solid on the bottom and clear on the top, and it may be slightly taller than conventional partitions. In many cases, this design offers the best of both words — a degree of privacy, while also preventing people from feeling isolated. As a taller partition, this design may help employees avoid being distracted by their peers, while at the same time be making it easy to confer with those around them. Contact an office furniture store like Nick's Furniture in your community to find what you might be looking for.