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Properly Furnished: A Blog

Have you ever thought about what an important role furniture plays in your life? Without a kitchen table and chairs, you would have to eat on the floor. Without a desk, you'd be left precariously balancing your laptop on your lap while sitting cross-legged on the ground, and we all know that's no fun. Furniture shapes your day and it shapes your lifestyle, so it's important to put some thought into the furniture you choose for your home. From selecting the right sofa to painting a dresser, we offer all sorts of furniture advice on this website. We understand how important furniture is, and we want you to come to the same understanding.

Properly Furnished: A Blog

Ideas For Family Room Furniture That Matches Your Needs

Ricardo Castillo

The family room is one of the most important rooms in the house when it comes to furniture. You want pieces that fit your lifestyle and are comfortable and attractive. You have options for your family room, so understand how you use your family room and the activities you'll do most in there so you choose the best furniture. Here are some options to consider.

When You Want To Use The Room For Sleeping

The family room can double as a bedroom for overnight guests. If you choose furniture that's comfortable to sleep on, you won't have to worry about where you'll put guests for the night. You might want a sofa that unfolds into a couch. You can get these with full or queen size mattresses. You can even buy chairs that fold out with twin mattresses. Another option is to buy a futon that opens flat for sleeping. Some upholstered couches even open up like a futon for a quick transition from sofa to bed.

A recliner with a back that lowers into the flat position for sleeping is another idea. By choosing pieces that double as beds when you need them, you get the most use from your family room and the furniture you choose.

When You Want The Ultimate Comfort For TV

If you mostly use your family room for watching movies and TV programs, then a reclining sofa would be ideal. A reclining sectional sofa is big enough for several people or you might choose a sofa with two recliners and a middle seat that opens to hold drinks and snacks. If you have young kids, they may prefer to stretch out on the floor rather than use a big recliner, so you may want to get large lightweight bean bags kids can use to watch TV but are light enough to move to a closet when not in use.

When You Want A Multi-Purpose Room

Your or your kids may have other uses for a family room besides watching TV. You might want a card table for playing board games and eating pizza. You may need to buy lighter furniture so your kids can move it out of the way when they want more open floor room to play with toys or be active. If you plan to move the furniture around a lot, you might not want a heavy sectional sofa. Instead, loveseats and recliners that can be pushed or pulled more easily might be a better option.

Once you know the basic pieces you'll need in your family room, it's time to take measurements of your room and then head to the furniture store to look at the choices available. If you have kids and pets, choose fabric that doesn't stain and is easy to clean. Quality furniture that's durable is important too so it lasts a long time and gives you good value for your money.